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ABC Day 3: Of Your Favorite Local Food

Uh the thought of them just makes my tummy rumble, maybe its because i am up early and I haven’t had anything to eat yet hahah. But this is surely a different feeling when you have not tasted your favorite dish for over 3 years. Different names are given to them by different african tribes we, the Shonas call them Madora, the Vendas call them Mashonzha, the Ndebeles Macimbi and the Zambians calling them Muyaya. All these names are perfect for this special delicacy, i don’t get why the Europeans felt the need to add their own name like they didn’t have enough names already.

the harvesting process is pretty long and i had to hear about it from elsewhere never really been part of the process myself. They are handpicked from the Mopane woodlands( hence the English name pretty lazy if you ask me). After they are picked they have to be sun dried but before that their guts have to be squeezed out.

After they are dried, well this is the only part I really know myself, they are now ready for the market or personal consumption. We used to purchase them from our local market. Always felt they were actually cheaper than their actual value but well thats just my view.

The cooking process differs with the mood actually that’s how much of a range they have.They can be boiled before before adding them to a pan of tomatoes and onions to create the best tasting soup there’s ever been. Uh i feel because I have never been a good cook myself I might never do justice trying to explain this process to anyone who has never tasted them. But they can be a stew.

can be served with sadza/pap

And oh they are so versatile they can just be snack, after frying them. Dont they look good. i know someone thinking we are living fear factor life lol.

crunchy, tasty snack

There you have it this is my top favorite dish all time, international even not just local. If you haven’t you should try them! thank me later!



I am sure we can all agree January was great and it seemed as if we were getting into a great year 2020. China had been hit by the pandemic in December, yet we all relaxed and didn’t anticipate the virus reaching home. By now you could be thinking this topic was “click-bait” but it is reality. In fact, the people who lived through the Spanish Flu times would be offended to listen to people of present times saying this corona-virus outbreak is worse than the Flu.

As this claim would offend those who lost their loved ones because of the pandemic, but to face reality this virus is going to be around for a long time. The projections for the vaccine being in two years or more from now or even never that’s how bad this is. This kept playing in mind, thinking about a lock-down for two years, or a permanent change of livelihood. How would we survive a 2-year, or longer period of lock-down ? That’s just close to impossible or if possible, the effects should more detrimental than the virus itself.

The Global influenza that they termed the “Spanish Flu” killed over 40 million people around the world. This can not be brought up to be compared to the current pandemic where the mortality is barely 3%, which is still too much when considering human life. But think about this, when did human life became more important than in the old days. People will always die and the earth would not manage had there not been any significant number of deaths in the world. That’s just law of nature.

Again I feel I should address this, human life is important and no one deserves to die or lose a loved one. but you know what is inevitable as well death and taxes! lets leave the taxes for now and we can get into it on another day. Death is everyone’s destiny no-matter how we approach life we will all perish at some point. What am i on about you may be questioning my points or rather my sanity as well and that is ok too.

All these regulations and expenditure during the pandemic are another evil which is being ignored in an attempt to “save lives”. But the future does not look good because of the loans governments are taking. the future debt will be a massive burden for the coming generation. my thoughts at this point is, as much as we want to listen to the Health minister at these times, the finance minister deserves much more attention as well because he is the one looking into the future of what will be.

Would you rather die or live in absolute poverty? all or rather most will pick on the latter, as death is the most feared state by all beings….why? I wonder as all religions preach about a life beyond the grave. Well i guess there is something in our nature that beats all spiritual belief. Back to the issue at hand you’d rather live in abject poverty than die, but what if there was a way to avoid both poverty and death? But the price you would have to pay for this would be the inevitable death of a few others and a less likely loss of loved ones. The future looks bleak for the poor because of these lock-down regulations and international loans.

The other important issue surrounding this virus is that there are two absolute sides, those who are living in absolute fear of the virus and the others who are absolutely carefree about it and believe they are safe from it, their reasons we might never find out but they just do. There is though a few group of people in the world who understand the real extend of the problem we are facing, but to avoid misinterpretation they rather not emphasize on the low mortality of the virus, but preach more about how deadly it is. Political moves could well be a motivating factor as the more you seem to be more caring about the lives of the people the more appealing you would be as a leader.

Its therefore in the political leaders favor to preach more about peoples safety than to present the actual facts to them as to the virus not being as deadly as it seemed. Even as you read this i probably, at some instances, sound like a narcissist sociopath. But all this because I chose to be real and deal with actual facts not emotions involved with human lives. as for our leaders its barely emotion that is moving them rather their need to protect their interests.

the poor eventually will be the ones to suffer from all these regulations, imagine a small business owner who has had to close because of the lockdown, how is she going to pay her workers. the workers bills themselves do not stop coming because of the lockdown. You are probably thinking these were offered loans by the government but for how long will they sustain the small businesses? even so how many small businesses are able to secure these? the rich and famous it is business as usual if not better than before, its only them that are allowed to operate, their entertainment will be the only on show on TV ensuring they get paid more.

A poor blackmens prayer but the opposite is reality

All the informal industry will suffer because of a virus that is not definite will kill them. The narrative that this virus is deadly is definitely overrating the real extend of the problem. lock-down regulations are just there to delay the inevitable. Yes. there is no way it will end the spread of the virus. In three years we are probably looking at a much poorer black community who are still dying because of the same virus they were avoiding by staying indoors until they got too hungry to stay inside and had no other choice but to go out, and fend for themselves. With the businesses they were once in closed they will have to find other ways to fend for themselves. illegal ways? well maybe. We can only guess.

The government should do more for the people, you say? Well if they really wanted to they would have been more cautious about the virus earlier in the year and not relax to treat it like it was only an issue for China. Apparently no one held them accountable for this .Why?. a penny for your thoughts. Right now what they could do at best is everything that least affects them. Borrow from the international community, the debt to be by the future generation who are not going to school, but are least susceptible to death from the virus. why they are being the ones to suffer deprivation off education is beyond me..

This covid pandemic seems to have more to it than science and history to try and explain it. The protests in the US didnt lead to any spike in the number of cases as expected. various neighborhoods that cannot afford to stay home shoould have been worse hit by the virus by now, it just hasn’t been that way. who am i to determine what could have caused this. the religious would attribute it to God and that is ok as well. this also makes me think why were the churches closed if they are there to save and heal, surely God wouldn’t let the members to perish?

in the end these are just my thoughts, easy to write off but i hope we could engage on this so i could correct my wrongs and learn more! I didn’t mean to offend anyone all life is surely equally important. Hope we survive the pandemic and the future. But that’s all we can do we can only hope, the rest is not up-to us.!


Challenge Day 2 : Whats the main goal of your site?

This is not the common story of an unemployed dude owning a laptop and instantly becoming a DJ, well there is nothing wrong with that either. But there is more to my ambitions than just being another blogger, I plan to use this as a platform to share my views on various issues and thoughts that I tend to ponder upon, more often than not.

plan on making this my brainstorming platform

Ah you guys probably know this I’ve mentioned it in every post I have made so far. This is the reason why i cant let this be today’s only post I will have another one up by the end of the day, lest i become a promises guy.

I intend to address several issues including the patriarchy, grooming, economic, relationships,.. social issues, and everything else in-between. everything else will depend on the mood of the day and what inspired me to type.

To have more to say about this would be milking it. i have mentioned everything about my site already. Stay safe, enjoy the little things in life . Create your own joy!

stay enlightened

Because No One Waited

Hahah, the title must’ve got you thinking what this is about but its really a bite off Lil Durks Rap Album Because Ya’ll Waited, the message to his fans, should’ve been because they waited for him to drop for a long time, and there it was. Well I’m not a rapper nor do i have fans to say the same. Just how I got to the pun ‘Because no one waited’. Not to be taken literally of course, be cause I understand I have some friends interested in my thoughts all the time and I appreciate all of you for that, will always do.

Thank you for your patience I promise it wont ever again, in the future, take me this long to give you a piece of my mind and my two cents or happenings around us. The past month has been a bit hectic been busy working on my other hustles which at this time really needed my attention. That is actually not the real excuse hahah. Here it comes..

I was actually writing a lot of posts that just ended up in the drafts and were never published. i would at sometimes feel they might offend people. And no-matter how poor of a life-skill that is, i just cant help it but try to be in good books with most people. The other reason being I could not post was that, I honestly felt since this is the beginning of the journey I had to start with something really convincing that could really capture your attention, building to a better future for our relationship..(that’s what she said.. well I couldn’t help it). During the same time I was hit by a condition similar to a writers block but I couldn’t call it that because I don’t term myself a writer, well at least not yet.

just a beast caged better was always coming.

That’s the inability to create or losing your creative sense or close to that but the most important issue is you can’t be productive during this period. And the issues I mentioned earlier could have made this worse or it was the pressure, I cant be sure. During the same period I had friends checking and pushing me to post and that actually did help me to get out of this block and I am in the clear now thanks to them.

For the future that is moving forward I decided to take on a 21 day blogging challenge by Afro Bloggers. I should have started two weeks ago with the rest but I didn’t think i could manage as a beginner. I then thought I could use the challenge even though it was too late to be a part of it but it wouldn’t be bad to use the guidelines and I do need the inspiration from the challenge’s set titles.

finally free from all pressure and can start posting

Its time to get to work now and I promise interesting topics and insights everyday. I am already feeling like that good for nothing boyfriend who is all promises and no action, lol, and to assure you that’s one of my worst fears, motivating me to get past it ASAP!

Because non of ya’ll waited I’m back with a different attitude and desire! I love doing this and as a mostly reserved person this is the best way you can get a peek of how crazy or stupid my mind is or how it can be hahah. There’s no better way than this because i always feel anyone no-matter who you are you are better of silent than when you talk. Most times when you let people into your mind its the worst mistake that you could make. although there are other ways to get around this to use it to your benefit. Don’t think about it yet we will get into it together on another day!

Lookout for my post that is coming tomorrow, this was just a Commitment Pledge to the Afro Bloggers challenge..



An hour does not pass without my thoughts disagreeing with something that seemingly everyone has agreed upon. When this happens as it often does, I tend to keep it to myself more often than not. I know most people who do know me or have been around me would disagree with this because I tend to be in arguments more often than not. This all just comes down to show how much my mind disagrees with a lot of things generally. Don’t let this scare you to think I am bad company.

I think about everything I will say before I say it, how it will affect my company that’s why I keep to myself most of the time. And I thought I had to mention this (goes back to my overthinking), I don’t think of anyone any lesser because I disagree with their thoughts.

Smile through it all.

Ugh this is supposed to be an introduction of myself to you, but I went at it, if this is not an exact peek into my thoughts, I don’t know what is. Well Born and raised in Zimbabwe, moved to join my mother in Johannesburg when I was 18 and its been home ever since. And that’s about it from my side I would love to keep my freedom of expression online hence less detail about myself. If there are any questions you may want to ask, I am available to engage.

I feel the need to tell you about my circles so that if you judge you may understand where I might be coming from. The most important one being that I am in a foreign country. So, there could be a lot I might miss or need proper understanding about South African religion and culture but I promise to never be offensive in my posts and shared thoughts. I am in my mid 20’s also just so you understand my age range.

Do not let the age fool you I’ve been around and seen a lot, been through it all and met a lot of people from all different backgrounds and ethnicity groups, and I never turn down a chance to listen to old folks when I get it.

I love interacting with people a lot and get a pick of their thoughts. Do not let the age fool you I’ve been around and seen a lot, been through it all and met a lot of people from all different backgrounds and ethnicity groups, and I never turn down a chance to listen to old folks when I get it. Economics is my major focus of study so I might base most of my posts on Economics (a social science by the way). I am a Christian as well I believe in Jesus Christ. well I respect all religion especially the African traditional religion. I’m also writing this on Eid so happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslim readers.

And an interesting thing about me is not a day passes without me thinking about the Wall Street, well I love money and I look at it as the mecca of money! I follow all the international markets from NASDAQ 100 to SENSEX. Before I bore you with all that let it be known I’m not a forex trader I want to be part of business I can at least have my hand in or influence somehow. I just love how the markets operate and the forces behind them.

And oh, I love sports especially Soccer and Basketball (I mean what’s a man without sport). I follow all the leagues I am aware of in soccer. Not thoroughly but I have teams of interest in certain leagues I keep tabs on from time to time. I won’t tell you my favorites lest you might read into my bias. Basketball is my love every time I see people balling, I join were possible. I follow the NBA no matter how much of a hustle it is having to wake up after midnight to watch the games. But unlike soccer there’s no choice no league gets close to the NBA quality.

That’s about all of it that I’d like my readers to know and understand about me and as I previously said any engagement is welcome, I would really love to know your thoughts about y posts or about me as a person. I hope to have your support on this journey on my blog. My hope is to find more people that may think like I do and they shouldn’t be afraid to engage their thoughts with me. That is all thoughts that are against the common ones, controversial, even those that could be deemed offensive by some so we can try to engage and figure out the best way around it. I’m a firm believer of “What did they miss” or “they must’ve missed something” thinking, I believe nothing is doubt proof and anything can be questioned. Really hope you will find my content interesting even when you don’t agree with it ,you could pick one or two points of interest.